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We specialise in apps for iOS and Android, as well as web development.

how we can help you

Here at DivtoDiv, we work with carefully selected companies and brands to help them execute their digital roadmap from a mobile perspective. Not only will our app designers and developers help to create a great product, we are also on hand to talk you through your project and ensure the final product is the very best it can be. If something isn’t right, we will tell you. We want your product to succeed just as much as you do and, with a streamlined process, our team knows what works when it comes to mobile app development.


We use experience, creativity and a pinch of magic to create brands that build awareness, drive growth and inspire people. We begin by defining the purpose of the brand. We look at what values your users will share, and how we can form a story around your entire mission that resonates throughout your user base. Our branding process is a fast-paced collaborative effort where we encourage every stakeholder, both external and internal to have a voice. We love speaking with your target users because, in order to create your story, we have to understand theirs. Our branding team conduct imaginative and fun workshops, creating dynamic mood boards that form the foundations of your brand. From there, our designers will create a beautiful, functional set of brand guidelines, logos, typography, mission statements and values on which the entire app development process at Borne is based upon.


Our mobile app design team are involved from the very beginning of your project to the very end, ensuring your vision is brought to life. Honing from various design disciplines such as print, animation and digital, our product designers bring a diverse set of perspectives and skills to your project. Our aim with design is to inspire, provoke and amaze. Our designers work systematically through the stage, identifying the key features for UX and UI and ensuring no detail is missed. From colour schemes to logos, our product designers and UX engineers work collaboratively to ensure your product’s success. In design, no decision is made without careful consideration, there is a reason behind everything.


Our mobile app developers are digital explorers; they are given the reign to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. We are firm believers that if you can think it, we can build it. nvolved from the beginning of each project, our engineers are champions of a data led approach, seamlessly combining with our product design and quality assurance teams to bridge the gap between ground-breaking and realistic. Our multi-disciplined development team consists of data strategists, system architects, full-stack mobile/web developers and database genies. Our development team’s strength is held not just in their solid foundations, but in their agile approach to projects, allowing us to innovate and adapt to new technologies as they arise.

How we work

We do more than just develop the apps. We work with our clients on all parts of their projects, from logo design to full branding to maintenance. Developing your app or website is just one part of our process.

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